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Deeper experience in your field means a better experience with our firm.

Apter & O’Connor delivers accountability. Since 2003, our seasoned professionals have helped our clients achieve effective organizational growth and change, improve their programs and interventions, and demonstrate positive change and real impact for their target populations.

  • As evaluators, we apply rigorous standards to assure you are true to your values and practices.
  • As teachers and facilitators, we provide instruction, leadership development, and professional development that help organizations grow while remaining faithful stewards of their mission and purpose.
  • As change agents, we foster sustainable growth via research, capacity building, and customized strategic planning.

In short, Apter & O’Connor helps you plan for and measure your impact and stay on course...whatever segment of the non-profit sector you call home.

Click below, to learn more about the work we've done and the clients we've had the honor and pleasure to serve. Or visit our Services section for a high-level view of how we help clients like those listed below!

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