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Literacy Inc. Commits to Ongoing Evaluation to Ensure Impact

Aug 13th 2021

Recognizing Apter & O’Connor’s great work with early literacy organizations, A&O has been engaged again by Literacy Inc. (LINC) to evaluate their impact with families and children.

Working throughout New York City’s five boroughs, LINC aims to surround children with literacy-rich environments. LINC disrupts intergenerational illiteracy by training parents to help their children embrace reading. Parents become literacy ambassadors within their communities by engaging with resources like libraries and book drives, which already exist in their neighborhoods. The entire community contributes to the goal of raising readers by creating a culture of literacy at the neighborhood level.

Last year, the A&O team conducted qualitative inquiries to examine: (1) LINC’s impact on parents’ early literacy knowledge and routines and (2) LINC’s progress in creating communities that promote and support early literacy. This year, A&O will build on those findings and launch two new evaluation inquiries using standardized assessment tools. The first will assess LINC’s impact on the cognitive home environment, as measured by the StimQ assessment. The second will measure LINC’s impact on early childhood vocabulary development using the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Assessment  (PPVT).   LINC has worked tirelessly to develop their evaluation and data collection capacities. With A&O’s help, they are developing critical evaluation skills among their staff and are demonstrating their impact on the families they serve!